Ole Mr. Johns is intended to be a storyteller of cultural norms. He is like the ancient storytellers, the sages, the griots that provided villages with the norms of their community expressed in the stories they told. His audience is his young great grandson, Lil John. Ole Mr. Johns has watched the many changes in his community but with the progress he has witnessed, especially in technology, he is concerned about the loss of the interpersonal social skills of manners, honor and trust. He loves the new gadgets with their efficiency and ease but misses the feel of a handshake, the elation of a smiling face and the tone of a sincere voice that one experiences best when communicating in person. He prefers to look someone in the eye to texting on his phone.
Ole Mr. Johns had made it his mission to give to his great grandson the interpersonal skills that he grew up with where a man’s handshake and promise were his word, a sign of his character and the best binding contractual agreement between honorable men. Ole Mr. Johns imparts the cultural norms that built his character and Lil Johns’ ancestors before him.


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