IMG_0327Sometimes, some days are just exceptional. You never know when it will happen but when it does it can’t be denied. February 16, 2015 was one such day for me. My iPad rang and I rarely have it nearby but I did this time. I answered it and was greeted by the forehead of my three year old great grandson. As soon as I said Hi Baby he started telling me all about his room and his toys. He scanned the room with the iPhone showing me his new bunk bed, the walls, the ceiling and toys on the floor. I laughed as he described everything as he just knew that I could see all that he was showing me. No, I couldn’t, but I pretended to by repeating what he said and laughing along with him. He was showing me his big red fire truck when suddenly we were disconnected. I guessed that his mother had discovered that he had found her iPhone and had snatched it from him. I called back. I told my granddaughter that he was only speaking to me and we were playing together as we did when he visited me in my home. She laughed and said that he was better on the iPhone than she was. I said goodbye, smiling broadly, to both of my babies.

It was a good day.


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