Black History Month: “We Are Kings”

“Wow Grandpa.  This is a meal for a king.  How long have you been up?”

“Oh, I got up about 5 AM, took my bath, read today’s paper and then started our breakfast for kings,” he said amused.  “We are kings.  Have you ever read about Egypt?”

“Yeah, you told me about that before.  We are kings, Grandpa.”  ©2013, The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns


“Once upon a time, in the ancient past, Before the Common Era (BCE), in an time most European scholars refer to as the mythical “dark ages.”

In the land of Kush, there lived a great, grand, highly enlightened civilization of sophisticated, charismatic, powerful and compassionate African kings, who would become Egyptian Pharaohs. They thrived, prospered and ruled for thousands of years BCE. These same kings were students of the ancient mystery schools of Africa, worshippers of Amun (one God), and the Laws of Ma’at.

Lost in antiquity and shrouded in mystery, ancient Nubia (another name for Kush), extended south along the Nile River from the First Cataract to the Shubaluga Gorge (Sixth Cataract ). Today this region is located in modern Sudan, with a small portion crossing into southern Egypt also known as the Land of Ham, by the ancient Egyptians, Libyans, Assyrians, Hebrews, and Persians. It was also called Ethiopia by the Greeks, Romans and 19th & early 20th century writers.

New archeological discoveries have recently proven that earlier Egyptian lineage origins flow from Ethiopia ( Grandmother ) to Nubia ( Mother ) to Kemet aka Egypt (Child ). These rich new discoveries negate current Egyptology academics, who insist that all great civilizations originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia, however new DNA, archeology and anthropology studies conclude these were not the first great civilization and that Egypt’s roots of origin flow undeniably back into ancient African.”  Source: EURPUBLISHER,, March 1, 2016

Photos Source: Taharqa – The Most Powerful of the Black Pharaohs,, January 29, 2016

Resource: Nubian Spirit – The African Legacy of the Nile Valley, Ancient Egypt (full documentary) (2008)


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