Black History Month: Kemet

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‘Kemet’ was one of the ancient names given to the country that later became known as ‘Egypt’. However, more recently ‘Kemet’ implies an African-focused approach to the study of the ancient culture. Source: Kemet Expert, AfricanCentered Egyptology

Lil John is a student of Egyptology.   In The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns, his great great-grandfather’s stories during their weekend visits are about ancient Egypt when African kings ruled.

Wow Grandpa.  This is a meal for a king.  How long have you been up?

Oh, I got up about 5 AM, took my bath, read today’s paper and then started our breakfast for kings he said amused.  We are kings.  Have you ever read about Egypt?

Yeah, you told me about that before.  We are kings, Grandpa.

Source: The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns, © 2013, Cheryl Lewis Beverly



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